Emergency Management


Any Lincoln County resident that wishes to burn something other than household garbage (e.g. a large pile of trees, or an old building) should contact the Lincoln County Dispatch Center at 605-764-2664 to inform them that they are going to have a large fire at their location. This is important because people driving by or in the neighborhood may notice the large fire and report it as an emergency to the dispatch center.

If the dispatch center has not been informed of the controlled burn, they are required to send the closest fire department out to investigate the fire. One short phone call giving your name, address, and what you intend to burn can eliminate much confusion and unnecessary dispatch of emergency equipment and personnel. No burn permits are needed.

Always be aware of weather conditions before burning. You can visit this National Weather Service webpage for more information on weather conditions and Fire Danger Indexes within the county. 

Keep Waterway Areas Clear

Thunderstorms can produce flash flooding. Trees and brush piles, construction debris and building materials near to a waterway or drainageway are easily carried away by these sudden floods. These loose items often times cause blocked culverts or lodge somehow to become obstructions to the water flow that then can back up to cause serious property damage. Do yourself and your neighbor a favor and check your property to remove items that could be carried away in one of these storms and cause problems.

Data Universal Numbering System Number Required for Federal Funding

Any applicant that may receive federal funds as a result of future disasters will need to apply for a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number before Federal Emergency Management Agency will deem their entity an eligible applicant as a result of Presidential Disaster Declaration.

Read the notice (PDF) for more information.

Lincoln County Local Emergency Operations Plan