Lincoln County offers fingerprinting services. You do not need to be a Lincoln County Resident to be fingerprinted at this location.

  • The cost to the public for fingerprinting is $12.50 per card. 
  • Acceptable payment for this service is cash or check. 
    Checks are accepted from local financial institutions only, no out-of-state checks. 
  • The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office offers fingerprinting services for the general public who are required to submit fingerprints for job applications, licensing, etc., as well as pre-employment. 
  • No appointments are needed within the normal scheduled business day. 
  • Given the time required to fingerprint an individual, one may be declined in the event that one arrives at the Sheriff’s Office after 4:30 PM. 
    • There may be times that there will be no one available to fingerprint in which case the requesting party will need to return to the Sheriff’s Office at another time; we do not make appointments. 
  • Individuals requesting fingerprint services will be required to provide one of the following forms:
    •  A current driver’s license
    • A state issued identification card
    • A military identification card
    • A Valid passport. 
  • In most cases the fingerprints will be taken employing a computer-based printing software that does not require ink. 
  • Fingerprint cards are to be provided by the individual requesting the services; 
  • In the event that the individual does not have their own cards, a blue applicant card may be provided by the Sheriff’s Office to be utilized with the caveat that there is no assurance that such card is acceptable to the requesting agency.
  • In the event that it is latter learned that the provided card is not acceptable to the requesting agency, there is no refund and the individual will be charged for re-printing on cards provided by the requesting agency at the above rate