How are assessments determined?

The equalization office utilizes a mass appraisal procedure to determine the market value of property within the county.  Mass appraisal is the process of valuing a group of properties as a given date (November 1) and using common data, standardized methods, and statistical testing.  Valuations for individual parcels should not be based solely on the sale price of a property, rather the valuation schedules and models should be consistently applied to a property data that are correct, complete, and up to data.  Property administered, the development, construction and use of a CAMA system results in a valuation system characterized by accuracy, uniformity, equity and reliable costs per parcel.  Except for unique properties where individual analyses need to be considered. 

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1. If I split a property, when will I be assessed and when will I pay taxes on the two pieces separately?
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3. What is the relationship between the County Equalization office, the Treasurer’s office and the Auditor’s Office.
4. How are assessments determined?
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